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Nr hog hunting
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I'm from ks me and some buddies were interested in coming down to hog hunt. I assumed we could find some semi cheap hunts since hogs were such a nusience animal and people want them gone so bad and all we found were guides wanting paid by the pound and to tack on "trophy fees". Does anyone know where we could go to meet some good guys and kill some pigs. We're very respectful good ol boys and will bring what we need to hunt and eat for a weekend. Don't really care on means of take either . Any suggestions

From: canepole
Perhaps you could check out Shiloh Ranch. If you haven't heard of it they're located in the South-Central part of the state. Most of us who haven't hunted there are familiar with it. The couple who run it are said to be great. They have modest accommodations at a fairly reasonable price. They have stands and feeders already set up. I read it's $350. for two full days. They even have a tracking dog for those less than perfect bow shots. They post a kill thread on bow site. Maybe you and your buddies can do the math and see if it's worth it. If I didn't have a decent place to hunt, I'd try it.

Since the wildlife department has banned baiting on all public land locating hogs there can be tough. There's can be lots of sign but without being able to "guide" the hogs, even getting a single shot can be difficult. BTW the fine I heard is $170. for baiting.

Best of luck in whatever y'all decide, Gene

Thanks gene we'll definety look into it

From: J. h2os
I'll see if we got any hogs hanging on our land ,after Jan 15. thats the end of bowseason here. if you are interested.

From: swampokie
Red slough wma se Oklahoma more hogs than you can shake a stick at. Nr small game liscense and take as many home as you can stand. There are more hogs here on the red river than anywhere in Oklahoma. Archery till end of jan then any weapon you want to use.

Thanks j h20s I'll talk to my buddies and shoot u an Message when we figure something out. Now that I have a few people on here I have heard they aren't very good eating what's your guys opinion and what's the best way to cook it

From: J. h2os
Lol, Not sure who told your they arent good eating , but I disagree.

I have family from Texas no land to hunt unfortunately and everyone I've come across there says the shoot and leave them lay for the yotes. I would like to try it and can smoke some meant pork to boot so it's gotta be good. What's the best way to cook it

From: SouthPaw
I would suggest shooting a smaller sow or piglet for eating. Hard to beat a 75-85lb pig.

From: J. h2os

J. h2os's embedded Photo
J. h2os's embedded Photo
Just like you said, smoke. Low and slow and keep it mopped. jeff

From: Stevieray36
I have in the past shot them and left them for the scavengers. I tried making sausage, curing the hams and smoking and they are just nasty. They are too lean and what they browse on affects the taste. I have 80 acres in Seminole county and have a hog issue and come the first of the year I will be building a 40 ft diameter hog trap with the Hog Slammer Gate. Have not seen one hog all deer season even though my cameras will have a 1000 pictures a week of hogs at night. They have destroyed one of my spin feeders and are now tearing up my gravel lot were my camper sets.

Last month I saw 2 piglets in the road and a neighbor pulled up before I tried to catch them and said no one around us had hogs and that they were probably dumped. and my brother-in-law so three piglets and a larger one in his stand a half mile from there so I'm wondering if we won't have a hig problem soon as well. If I get word of their whereabouts I think me and my catahoula will go try to get them.

From: Skippy

Skippy's embedded Photo
50 Lbs
Skippy's embedded Photo
50 Lbs
Best way to find them on public land is to spot and stalk during the day when they sleep. Look in creek bottoms and brush piles. Wild hogs are very nomadic and most are nocturnal. I own 320 acres in Pawnee county and have a bunch of hogs. Very seldom do we get daytime pictures of them. We shoot them at night. I have a night time shooting exemption from the wild life dept. Don't know if you can get one on public land. Yes the small ones are good to eat.

From: J. h2os
Skippy, I got land in NE Pawnee co.jeff

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