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Mule Deer Archery Hunting
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Tmartinez822 15-Dec-16
Elkshoot 17-Dec-16
StickFlicker 17-Dec-16
From: Tmartinez822
I am planning on going Mule deer hunting in AZ this year. I have never hunted in AZ before and I am trying to figure out what are the best units to hunt in. I am planning on buying OTC tags so I don't know which units you are allowed to hunt because I know some you need to apply for to hunt there. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

From: Elkshoot
Go to the azgf. Go to hunting and than go to where to hunt. From there you can go to different regions and go to different game management units within each region.Scroll down to see all the different species there is to hunt in each GMU and it will give you places to start for each species. Good luck

From: StickFlicker
Statewide archery hunt success in OTC units is usually about 5% in a good year. You might look at the unit by unit hunt success to see which might do better than that. None stand out in my mind as beating those odds by too much on any regular basis.

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