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Gila National Forest - Good Outfitters?
New Mexico
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From: yooper89
My cousin and I are planning an elk hunt in New Mexico for 2017 or 2018 and have read decent things about the Gila NF. I've never hunted NM before so looking for any advice on outfitters worth looking into. Can anybody share some info?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

From: arctichill
As a NM resident I've never hired an outfitter, but have met and mingled with a few. Tom Klumker [Stoney on this site], Jack Diamond of Beaverhead outfitters and Mike Root would be a few that I've always been impressed with when I've made their acquaintance.

From: yooper89
Thanks Arctic!

From: Barrera
If your more of DIY but want some direction on the area look up Tommy Moldanado online. He offers hunt package info with maps and coordinates.

From: Bombero
pm sent

From: smarba
Unless you're planning big $ to pay for the purchase of landowner tags, when you say "planning to hunt NM 2017-2018" it will be a very long shot to actually draw tags. Best of luck.

I too have never hired an outfitter, but from what I know Klumker/Stoney and Jim Welles/JWRFC are pretty straight shooters.

From: yooper89
Smarba, say I was to purchase landowner tags, do you know of any solid outfitters?

From: splitlimb13
Michael delao

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