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From: elkmo

i would agree only if they bring back three buck rule.

I would be surprised if they did this due to the strong tradition of when firearm's season occurs. Wish it would happen, and that we would stay with the two buck rule. JMHO, thanks.

From: blugrass
If it aint broke, don't fix it!

From: dnovo
Everybody makes a big deal about tradition for dates of rifle season. I remember 40+ years ago hunting in rifle season on Thanksgiving weekend. That's a full week later than it is now. How long is required before it becomes tradition? Until you don't remember any different?

How long? I guess 40 plus years.

From: tico
Lather, rinse, repeat. Good gosh. Can we gripe about something else? Not gonna happen.

From: MWBooner
Personally I think the ease of getting tags for non residents is having more of a negative impact. More and more people are settling to lease ground in Missouri, because they can hunt it each year without having to draw and buying cheaper tags. I dont want any out of staters to take this personally, but I along with others are pretty tired of seeing farms we have hunted for years getting leased for 20$ an acre by boys from the south.

From: blugrass
Thanks for that comment about non residents leasing Mo property. We just lost some prime hunting land to some folks in Kansas. I don't know how much they had to pay, but we offered 20 an acre and was turned down. Can hardly blame the owners, but its getting pretty hard to find private land to hunt. We finally had to buy some land. I can remember when you could hunt most anywhere as long as you respected the owners concerns.

From: MWBooner
@blugrass I believe it!! I still have a few farms to hunt by permission and some ground in the family. But we just moved to Columbia, Mo. So I have been searching everywhere trying to find a small lease somewhere close, and I can't do it! The couple offers I have seen have had have been around the 25 an acre for average ground.

From: nontypical89
You should come to Illinois where you can't even lease something for under $50/acre.

From: tico
I would like to see a petition to stop the MDC from slaughtering more deer in the CWD areas. getting ridiculous. Lets kill those deer so they don't die mentality is getting old.

From: KSArcher
Signed it. Feels like pissing into a fan though.

From: hillbender
tico- would you rather they let CWD spread unchecked across the state?

From: tico
It is doing that anyways. I am VERY skeptical about their whole plan. I mean you do realize CWD has been in Colorado in wild deer and elk in the early 80's. Still one of the most popular western hunting states in the country.

From: hillbender
True that on CO and the muledeer populaton in the CO CWD zone are down about 40% from 30 years ago and even residents have to apply and draw for a tag to even hunt as a result....Alot of people share your opinion, its certainly a divisive issue but im in the proactive camp.

From: Deerdown
I signed it, but don't expect anything from it. I'd also like to see Landowner tags for NR MO.

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