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After the seasons
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Like many I saw few deer during the seasons. I think you will find it interesting that I have a trail camera out . Last week I had three spike bucks visit together. I also had a legal sized three pointer and a nice six pointer. I think that many of us are sitting just out of site of deer often while they stay where they are. A bedded deer is seldom seen by a sitting hunter.

From: ronsoutdoors

ronsoutdoors's embedded Photo
ronsoutdoors's embedded Photo
I just took my last camera down today . I had pics of one legal buck also a spike . I also had a pic with 4 deer in it ,it gives me a little bit of a feel for late season but didnt have any time to practice with them out there with what i have learned the last couple of years about late season . maybe next year i hope

Late season is tough. I had a doe permit for my muzzle loader. In three days of hunting I had one chance to make meat. The shot was ok but not a slam dunk so I let her walk. There are a lot of young bucks out there so the next three months will tell if they will be around for next year.

From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Some of the better bucks I had pictures of. Top left is the one I took during archery.

From: ronsoutdoors
thanks for sharing Rob, looks like a great future

From: bigbuck
Spent yesterday out in the woods went and checked my camera out in a yard ,had 2 nice bucks on it this past week both still had antlers hoping to find their sheds looks like they are traveling that run pretty regular.they seem like they are still getting around in this area

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