January bowhunting
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From: Tonybear61
Anyone here interested in January bowhunting for big game if we could ever get it past the DNR and legislature in MN??

No. winter is tough enough on them. I think 3 1/2 months is plenty of time to chase deer..

From: 12yards

No, between hunters and coyotes they could use a break.

From: JEG
Come to Zone 603 and you can hunt the first two weeks of January come and get-em before they're all gone!!

From: Amoebus
Interesting question. I don't think the DNR would really care because so few hunters are out after it gets cold. By January, my mind has switched over to ice fishing so I wouldn't be out too much.

From: Tonybear61
Not much ice fishing available this year..

From: Amoebus
"Not much ice fishing available this year.."

Oh sure there is if you don't mind walking. I have been out 4 times already near the cities and was on 5-9" of ice (the count would be 40 if I could convince my wife to get a 3rd job so I can retire). I was out on 3" last year and that was just plain stupid.

From: South Farm
I would like to see the season start and end two weeks later than it currently does in Minnesota.

From: JH
I would vote for an earlier start rather than a later end. For two reasons a chance at a velvet buck and before the beans start to turn.

I think the season is too long the way it is.. the deer are being hunted a third of the year.. seems like a lot to me.

From: VogieMN
I would agree with South Farm and JH. I'd rather see an earlier start. A velvet buck would be awesome.

From: MNRazorhead
I'd like to see the gun season changed to something like the WI or IA start date, but that will happen when pigs fly. Would be nice to hunt the rut without the plug being pulled just as it gets going. You guys that want an earlier season, what about mosquitos and heat making the deer mostly nocturnal? I do agree, however, a velvet buck would be cool. I think North Dakota would be the only available option for that around these parts.

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