Bear non quota 2017
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ahunter55 26-Dec-16
South Farm 03-Jan-17
From: ahunter55
My adult daughter-in-law asked if I would help her try for a bear 2017.. Looking for suggestions on an area no quota.. I have in the past done lots of Bear hunting and baiting so looking to be pointed in the right direction where I can "physically" go & scout I find bait sights this coming summer.. My last hunting Bear in Mn. is now draw & require points.. Anything, thanks in advance. Or a reasonable, reliable person to bait or even if someone knows of an outfitter in such an area..

From: South Farm
I can't think of one spot in the no quota I could suggest that would offer a reasonable chance of not already being baited/hunted. Twenty years ago, but not today, unfortunately:( If you're stuck on the no quota area I'd knock on doors and try to find some private land because public land in the no quota is a circus.

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