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Proposed rule change/bloodtracking dogs
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canepole 07-Jan-17
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I just want to pass the word along that the Dept. Of Wildlife is now accepting public comments regarding their proposed rule changes this year. One of the rules would allow for the use of leashed tracking dogs to recover wounded deer. This would not allow the use of dogs to hunt deer, only to track animals which have been shot. If any of you have hunted hogs with us, you know the value of a good tracking dog.

Here's a link you can click on to make online comments, or get the address where to mail a letter:

It's in your hands to make this happen!


Just a few more days to comment folks.

I failed to add that we suggested that Instead of requiring Game Warden permission, they change it to Game Warden notification, where a voice mail or text would be sufficient.

From: canepole
Hadn't got around to doing mine. Thanks for the reminder.

There are a number of proposals on the comments link I hadn't read about.

From: Lost Arra
The newspaper article I read about the tracking dog proposal was favorable and pretty common sense. I sure hope it is approved. Seems like a no-brainer to me but the influence of the legislature is not always based on common sense.

From: Lost Arra
Passed the Wildlife Commission and on to the legislature and governor.

I hope the governor doesn't add Bloodtracking Services to her new tax list.

From Wildlife Department: A list of annual rule changes and additions was approved unanimously Monday by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission during its regular meeting in Oklahoma City. These changes and additions to Title 800, the rules that govern operations of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, were proposed in December and went through a public comment period in January. They will now be sent to the State Legislature and the governor for approval and, if approved, they will become effective later this year. Among the notable rule changes and additions are: Allow deer hunters, without carrying any method of take, to use a leashed dog to recover downed deer, provided the hunter has notified a game warden before using the dog to track the downed deer. Add rules, regulations, and definitions for the new Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) including exemption from written permission for hunting antelope and elk on actively enrolled OLAP properties. Add rules to allow landowners and their designee to shoot feral hogs at night on their property. This feral hog rule is currently in effect in emergency status. Close waters in the northeastern part of the state to snagging from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., except for the Neosho River snagging area at Miami City Park. Prohibit the stocking of any aquatic organisms into public waters of the state without permission from the Wildlife Department.

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