Summit Treestands
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sundaynwv 12-Jan-17
Buckinspector 28-Jan-17
From: sundaynwv
Trying to plan a hunt next year for the McKelvie National Forest. Any tips or recommendations? Trying to focus on mule deer and will be coming from West Virginia.

Thank you. Looking forward to an out of state experience.

Sundaynwv....Before you take the long ride to NE..McKelvie National Forest....look closely at aerial photos/bingmaps etc.......what you'll see is the lack of FOREST...mostly grasslands/sandhills with the occasional pond/wetland. My 1st drive out there was shocking...arrived at nite...woke up to NO Trees. Lots of space/land to wander...very beautiful in its own way. best of luck....find high into the wind. buckinspector

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