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MWBooner 12-Jan-17
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From: MWBooner
Hey guys, I am currently looking for a hunting lease here in Missouri. I am open to pretty much anywhere in the state. I just lost my 1200 acre farm in Kansas to leasers, and most all of my family ground is in Iowa (which most of you know I can only hunt every 4 years). I am really just looking to add a few acres for to bow hunt. I am really strict on managing, as I try to only shoot 5 year olds or better. Im looking for any leads on a place to lease or if anybody needs another guy on one of their leases I would be open to that as well! Thanks for the help!!

From: AuburnTiger
I have a 3400 acre lease in Bates County. Limited to six members.

From: MWBooner

From: Deerdown

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