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2016 Late Season archery buck
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LiveOutdoors 16-Jan-17
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VTer 07-May-17
From: LiveOutdoors

LiveOutdoors's embedded Photo
LiveOutdoors's embedded Photo
Hey Guys, I haven't been on this site in awhile and it looks like I haven't missed much. Here is a pic of my late season archery buck. I shot him the last Friday evening of the season (Dec. 9th). I skipped out of work early so I could get an evening sit in. I was starting to get nervous because this was the latest I have gone without having fresh meat in the freezer in 10 years. I was not going to let my streak end now so I planned to hunt hard all weekend. I got set up at 3:00pm. I was adjusting my facemask and look up and a doe came running out of a thicket to my right at 3:05pm. She hung out at 80 yards the next 30 minutes. I was pumped that the deer were on their feet this early. I didn't sit down once as I had this feeling running through me that at any moment I was going to see another deer. At 4:10pm I hear the sound every hunter loves to hear. I couldn't see a deer at the time but I could hear crunching leaves and snapping twigs. I see a deer come out of the thicket a little bit higher than where the doe came out. This deer was walking straight at me and I told myself if I get an opportunity I will take it. I thought it was a doe so I was pretty relaxed and just playing out scenarios in my head as to how this might go down. As the deer closed to within 25 yards, it somehow picked a path where I was never able to see its head, so I still believed it was a doe. At that point he stepped out from behind a tree and I was shocked to see it was one of three 8 pointers I have had on camera all season. He started chewing on the hemlock limbs just to my right. he slowly closed the distance to under 10 yards but he was facing straight at me. Finally he walked straight out in front of me to the large red oak and started looking for any remaining acorns. He turned just right to give me a 16 yards quartering away shot. He went 23 yards and fell over. The shot was a double lung just missed the heart. 8 Point, 151 lbs. I was very surprised that he had no blood coming out of his nose or mouth, but upon looking him over, I think he was dead so quickly that it never had a chance to pump out of him.

From: bigbuck
Congrats!! beautiful buck and a great way to end the year!!

From: ronsoutdoors
Hey Live , I only wished i could have had a chance to get out late season cna only hope there is time next year . GREAT Job Enjoy all the nice meals

From: VTer
Nice deer Joe. Way to get it done with a great shot.

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