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Looking for land to lease
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beckerbulldog 18-Jan-17
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South Farm 20-Jan-17
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The Famous Grouse 03-Feb-17
Yes I know many of you hate leasing land but it's become the "new norm" I'm looking for land around the St. Cloud, Monticello area for myself and my daughter.

From: South Farm
No need to lease in that area. You got Benlac WMA near Foley, you got Sherburne Wildlife Refuge and Kunkel WMA not far away, not to mention Sand Dunes near Orrock. You got tons of great hunting opportunities nearby!

I've hunted all of them. I think I could find quieter spots in a Walmart parking lot. The last time I hunted on one of them I had just set up my blind, brushed in and all, and just sat down and some guy walks up to me and says he has his tree stand 50 yards away. (I never saw him) He watched me the entire time and waited till I was all set up before he got down to ask me to move...........So I packed up, moved to another spot and along comes a grouse hunter with his dog. I was not 100 yards of the road mind you, a good mile back in. I packed up for the last time. I'll never set foot on public land again.

From: South Farm
I don't shop Walmart so I'll have to take your word for it. Hope you find a spot to hunt.

I bet you could get a cheap lease in South East Minnesota next year. I know of a bunch of leases getting dropped.

Mooses-Meadows I think you are correct!

Assume you're referring to the CWD zone in SE MN.

IMO that wouldn't be a bad strategy to try to get in if you can. I seriously doubt that there's a huge number who won't be renewing their lease just because it's so hard to get a lease in the first place down there, but if you can find a place, you'd be buying in at the right time IMO. Get 'er tied up for 5 years if you can, they aren't all going to die and even if it takes a couple of years to recover, if you want a lease IMO you have to be bought in for the long haul or you'll always be chasing.


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