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From: Texas88
What's going on fellas. I just found this site recently doing some internet scoutin. I just moved from Texas a year ago. I have been duck hunting in all the areas from napa marsh up to Pillsbury. Never made it over to the refuges. Now I have the itch to fling some arrows and put something brown down. Pig or deer I live out in the hidden valley lake area just south of clear lake. I want to get out and scout Medo national Forrest and Cache Creek. Is there something's I need to watch out for, do's and don'ts. What will I need in my pack. Any help is appreciated.

From: QQ Archery

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welcome Texas 88 ,check out lake sonoma for hogs ,then down to cash creek ,indian valley area ,public hunting is tough for hogs but a great way to scout for turkeys and deer in new areas , bow fishing in a month a month or so should get going always a ton of fun , ok good luck and hope it helps.

From: del_binari
Being from Texas you probably are rattlesnake smart, but in the coastal zone we have poison oak which is the california version of poison ivy. nasty stuff i you happen to be alergic to it. Also, there are lots of ticks that carry lyme's disease. Other than that not much to look out for.

Most of the best pig hunting is on private land, but ditto the recommendation to check out Lake Sonoma. Lots to be found on the internet.

From: willliamtell
Tex Watch out for dope plantations in the fall. I have bumped into one or two of them and it is not a fun feeling, knowing they are under 24-hour armed guard by bad hombres. Managed to crawl out of there without trouble, but...

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