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Owen Jeffrey Archery
South Carolina
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razorhead 21-Jan-17
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cut2cure 03-Mar-17
redheadlvr 04-Mar-17
elk nailer 13-Jun-17
From: razorhead
greetings from N Wis and the UP,,,,, looking at a Owen Jeffrey longbow, made in your state, anyone shoot these bows, or have any opinion on their bows..... thanks in advance

From: r-man
I don't use them , but did meet the guy this season in a WMA , he was out of business cards , older guy , and he was using a stickbow , that's the second person in ten years I saw in the woods with one besides me .

From: r-man
responded to SC thread about Jeffrey Owen, met him twice , but not fimular with his work

From: r-man
says he died at 91yr in march 2016 , not sure who is running it now , or who I met now

From: cut2cure
Really great man worked c Fred bear in the formative years of the sport I have a recurve and a longbow, both are quality products. sad to hear of his passing

From: redheadlvr
Went to the new shop in Columbia last year. About 99% compounds and no traditional arrows or accessories. The only traditional bows were relecated to a back corner. When I inquired about ordering a longbow or recurve I got an attitude of "why?" We have lots of compounds".Yes it's sad how his shop has turned out.

From: elk nailer
Went to their shop about six years ago. My wife and me got a personal tour by Owen's son. really cool. We were able to see all the presses and bow that were in progress.

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