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From: leftee
Well sadly want to announce that we are leaving SoDak.The Boss and I are getting 'up there' in years and winters are getting tougher.Tough for her physically due to Lymes and arthritis not being compatible with cold weather and for me cause it's getting tougher to keep up the place with all the buildings etc plus this winter just keeping us plowed and operating. This has been building for a few years but I still enjoy winters and coyote hunting daily but watching her suffer hurts.I'm not interested in a shuffleboard league or golfing future so Florida,Texas,Arizona etc are off the table but we compromised and,after some travel,have decided on SE Kansas.Rolling hills,quite a bit of timber n water,and sounds like decent deer,turkey and waterfowl. We searched and found a piece of land there so bought it and hope to close on it this week.This won't happen right away cause suspect will take awhile to sell our place here.It was designed for hunting with us having planted thousands of trees etc to make it 'nice'.Part was put in WRP so can't be farmed and thus will likely go only to a hunter or outdoors person.Hoping to sell and move there sometime this year. Anyway just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed 'chatting' with you guys and how I wish the best to all of you.God bless SoDak and it's people. Good hunting!

From: grizzly
Been a pleasure reading of your adventures and good luck and enjoy those golden years.

From: DR
God speed and good luck down in SE Kansas Leftee. Never did get to meet you and I just retired and moved back to SD. Have to keep up here on the old bowsite. Good Luck!

From: leftee
Thanks guys.Will definitely stop by during turkey n deer seasons!

Sorry to see you leave this great state for another great state. Good luck with future endeavors and praying for a safe travels this upcoming year.

From: Brotsky
Very sorry to see you go leftee! I wish you and your wife the best of luck in Kansas! Be sure to keep posting your exploits from down south so we can follow along!

From: leftee
Update.Posted a SoDak turkey pic and didn't want to clutter up that thread but still residing here.Bought that piece of land in Kansas and taxes VERY reasonable on it.Then we looked into the taxes if we build or buy and wow,high!Very high!More on the house than our farm,2 houses and bunch of buildings here.Throw in State income tax on retirement plan withdrawals and Kansas a lot less exciting.Stay tuned.

From: jingalls
Leftee, I wish I had read your thread sooner. I'm from KS and I could have warned you about that. Yes, real estate taxes on farms are cheap. But on homes, out buildings, businesses and income taxes are high. This is not a state to move to in retirement.

I'm looking at retirement in a couple of years and SD is on my top three list. I love to ice fish, hate summer heat here in Kansas, and don't want to live near any big cities.

I have a farm I have to get rid of and a wife to convince, LOL! I live in Hutchinson so I'm a ways from your place but if you need something or have some questions just ask.

From: leftee
Hi Jingalls and thanks very much.Think I have the Commander convinced to stay here and go there late Fall and winter.Awaiting estimates on a house addition here now.May touch base with U in a week or 2.

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