bear hunt in new brunswick
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rookie 22-Jan-17
Destroyer350 23-Jan-17
foxwillkill 24-Jan-17
wraith8 01-Mar-17
From: rookie
Hello all new to the forum. I am planning a bear hunt to NB have any of you made this trip and have any suggestions on travel or tips!

From: Destroyer350
Sounds like a fun trip. I'd post it on the main forum - you will get more responses.

From: foxwillkill
I have not hunted bears in New Brunswick, but I have hunted them in Manitoba and Alaska. Travel, are you flying or driving? Tips, do you have and outfitter, guide, cook, ect? Have a great hunt.

From: wraith8
I went with my Dad and brother to TSI in New Brunswick last June and will be going again this June. It's a long trip from St. Louis/Southern Illinois, but well worth it in my opinion. We stopped for the night twice on the way up, but drove straight through on the return trip, about 24 hours of driving. I'm pretty sure we crossed at the Houlton/Richmond Corners crossing. I was told the southern ones are busier, so the one we used is preferred. Ask anything and I'll try, with my limited experience, to give you an answer. You may want to go over to the bear hunting page and ask there. There are a lot of helpful folks over that that have been to NB a lot more than I have.

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