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unit 11
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Archbull 22-Jan-17
WapitiBob 23-Jan-17
pop-r 23-Jan-17
thomas 23-Jan-17
timberline53 23-Jan-17
Archbull 23-Jan-17
Topgun 30-06 24-Jan-17
WapitiBob 24-Jan-17
Z Barebow 24-Jan-17
Archbull 24-Jan-17
wyobullshooter 25-Jan-17
southpaw 25-Jan-17
wytex 21-Feb-17
From: Archbull
I was looking for any info on unit 11 archery elk hunt. I'm in my sixties and looking for a little easier terrain. I have Max points.

From: WapitiBob
don't make that mistake

From: pop-r
Explain WapitiBob.

From: thomas
I think whats he's saying is he could draw other units w max points that offer gentler terrain as well that should be a better hunt. Maybe 16,24, 7, 2 and maybe 45

From: timberline53
A buddy and I are considering unit 11 type 9 for 2017 with six points. Doesn't look like much remote or high mountain country on Google Earth. Any info would be appreciated as we want to use our points wisely. We're in good shape for 59 but we ain't as good as we once was, so we want to make this hunt a last hurrah in wyoming for 330+ bulls if possible! Also considering unit 54, 40, and 39 -- Thanks so much!

From: Archbull
WapitiBob, Thats what I needed to know. Of those you listed which ones would you recommend? This is also my last hurrah. Father time is catching me fast.

From: Topgun 30-06
I sure wouldn't waste 11PPs on a unit that some drew with 6PPs last year!

From: WapitiBob
Arch, I sent you a pm with my thoughts.

From: Z Barebow
WB is one of the most knowledgeable folks when it comes to the WYO draw.

I have never hunted 11. But cashing in 11 points on that unit would be like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.

From: Archbull
WB pointed me in a different direction. Thanks for your posts.

Timberline53, area 11 isn't remote and I would describe the terrain as moderate. They're there, but if you want a reasonable chance at a 330ish bull, I'd look elsewhere.

From: southpaw
Hey Rob seems like you have knowledge on some of the units was hoping you could point me in the right direction?

From: wytex
11 is a great unit especially for archery and the rifle opens Oct 1. Bugling bulls with a rifle. Terrain can be steep or flat, they are everywhere. Had this tag a few times and would take it every year if we could draw. Big bulls come out of there every year . We're up there every summer for our lot in White Rock. Lots of moose and elk and a few good mule deer.

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