Help for new hunters
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Bowhogger 23-Jan-17
Florida Bowhunter 25-Jan-17
Bowhogger 27-Jan-17
Forester 13-Feb-17
From: Bowhogger
Starting any new hobby is tough, but hunting is a whole new animal. I have a bow and the necessary gear. What I lack and am having the hardest time gathering is the knowledge you must learn by training with a seasoned hunter. Is there anyone interested in taking a new hunter under their wing? For reasonable compensation.

Hi, I can take you under my two wings. Not only one :--)) I answered you in the other post. You will be an expert bowhunter like Skywalker was an expert Jedi. Not to worry about compensation. May the bowhunt (force) be with you ¡¡¡¡

From: Bowhogger
Thanks Florida Bowhunter, really looking forward to learning from a seasoned hunter. This padawan is ready to learn! I sent you a private msg with my contact info

From: Forester

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