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Back Country Archery: Back Pack Options
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PATS12 23-Jan-17
loudman70 18-Feb-17
must@huntelk 17-Apr-17
osage 17-Apr-17
Rhody 18-Jun-19
Titan Tom 01-Jul-19
willliamtell 02-Jul-19
del_binari 03-Jul-19
shortdraw 21-Feb-20
GOOD2GO 14-Jul-20
oliyanabeth 04-Jul-24
From: PATS12
I'm new to archery hunting and will be posting periodically over the next few months to educate myself on various topics. I'm hoping the Bowsite community would be willing to share their experiences and knowledge. My first question to the group: Can you share recommendations on a good backpack for back country archery? Maybe what you like about your current pack or lessons learned or must have features. Thanks in advance, JY

From: loudman70
I use a Fieldline Glenwood canyon. Good price and nice pack.

From: must@huntelk
Horn hunter full curl pack!! Can't beat it for the price

From: osage
Are you looking for a day pack or are you gonna spend a week ? Packing out elk or just hauling around lunch and some candy bars ?

From: Rhody
still have my Kelty from 1969..... having said that.... I think I'd use a drop camp outfitter is it's more than 4 miles in especially if you get one of those big Sierra Muley's that populate the HIGH Sierra above 10,000'....

From: Titan Tom
Kifaru frames with the packs are in my opinion the best. 60lbs carries like nothing.

From: willliamtell
Really like my Mystery Ranch packs. Have a load hauler that I've done 90+lbs as comfortably as can be done, and I have a spike pack that is really light and still has the great belt, stiffness, and general well-though out design. They aint cheap. You can buy a decent cheap pack used on Craigslist to find out if you're cut out to be a beast of burden - many aren't. Make sure it has a waistband as close to what the big boys use as you can get. Weight is carried on your hips, not shoulders.

From: del_binari
I use a Mountain Smith and it is well made and designed. They don’t come in camo but I don’t hunt in it cause I archery hunt and sneaking up with any backpack is silly.

I’m on my second mountain smith and have carried elk hind quarters in them without problem. It comes down to fit and hip belt placement/adjustment.

All the packs mentioned are great options. I think it comes down to 1) figment; 2) quality of construction; 3) right sizing the pack so there is room for your needs(not too small and not too large).

To large a pack tempts some to carry more than they should and they slip around if they are used to carry too little for what they were designed for.

Don’t Skyrim’s on boots, bag or pack.

From: shortdraw
+ 1 for Kifaru

What pack did you end up getting? and how did you like it?

From: oliyanabeth

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