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Any bird (quail) or Mule Deer hunters?
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KsHusker 23-Jan-17
nijimasu 27-Jan-17
From: KsHusker
Hello all,

I have an old neighbor I've kept in touch with and was talking to him the other day - he knows of my interest in hunting and offered his guest house as a home base if I ever wanted to come visit and go on a hunting trip.

He lives in Lenore, ID -- states he sees a lot of turkey, has a large covey of 50 or so quail that eat his chicken feed on his acreage and a variety of deer visit his place which I'm assuming would be mule deer?

I'm from and live in KS so have no experience with any hunting further west than the CO/KS border and down into Oklahoma once. Anyways on the bucket list is to hunt the different upland birds including Chukar at some point but I'd be most interested in quail -- would his area have any public ground to hunt or are farmers very open to giving permission to hunt as can be common place where I'm from? Also how is the mulie hunting? Mountainous terrain, flat ? Hard to get a place to hunt them?

Thanks! Anyone ever interested in hunting upland birds in KS I'd be glad to try and help you out.

From: nijimasu

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That's primarily whitetail country up in those parts, with elk hunting as well. always a chance of a mulie coming by I suppose, and of course predators. I've taken one whitey up there, and followed big juicy wolf tracks around all day. I've put in a link to Idaho's hunt planner, which may be helpful. There are sections of private and public land up there, and though I've personally never had much luck getting on the private, I have friends that have no trouble making friends and hunting on private areas- they're much more charming than me, I guess. You could call Fish and Game (208) 799-5010 and they can help you with finding Public areas, as well as "Access Yes" lands- lands that are privately owned, but have struck a deal with our fish and game Department to grant hunter access.

One thing you might not want to overlook there is that the Clearwater River there has some phenomenal steelhead fishing. average fish is 12 -16 lbs, no joke. There's plenty of other trout fishing in the area too, if you're so disposed. Sorry to not be much more help- p.m. me if you like. Good luck!

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