Summit Treestands
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chsnelk03 23-Jan-17
DonVathome 02-Feb-17
chsnelk03 19-Feb-17
gumbygold 07-Aug-17
From: chsnelk03
Hello all! I'm looking for someone in the area of Ashland that might been interested in mentoring me. Basically, I'm an active duty military member at the ANG base in Mansfield. I grew up bowhunting in Indiana. For the last 6 years, my fall weekends have been consumed by my son's sporting events and military duty. He graduates this Spring and I would love to get back into bowhunting. I'm not looking for a hand out or someone's spot. Would like to maybe discuss strategies or public land areas to checkout. Want to fill the freezer more than anything. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Roger Burton, SMSgt, OH ANG

From: DonVathome
Grand River and Shenango can be good.

From: chsnelk03
Thanks Don, appreciate the info. Any one else have anything?

From: gumbygold
I'd start looking at maps of the delaware wildlife area. There are some good spots in there.

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