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Dead head?
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PMcGee 24-Jan-17
Kevin Dill 24-Jan-17
PMcGee 24-Jan-17
Shifty@ work 12-Jul-17
Kevin Dill 13-Jul-17
buc i 313 17-Jul-17
From: PMcGee
Is it legal to put your tag on a deer you found dead if you want to keep the rack?

From: Kevin Dill
You would still need to check with a local wildlife officer before doing that. The reason is because your deer tag is intended for use on deer taken by lawful hunting means. A found-dead deer could have died from anything but wasn't taken by you in the course of hunting. In most cases an officer will inspect the carcass and maybe do a brief report, then allow you to have the antlers without using your deer tag.

From: PMcGee
Thanks Kevin

From: Shifty@ work
Kevin, shoot your own deer for pete's sake. lol Shifty

From: Kevin Dill
Hey Steve...

Not sure you'll be back to check this thread. It's just one of those many guys dropping in here from Michigan and somebody's gotta recover those lost deer.


From: buc i 313


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