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Recommending Good Air Taxi guys.
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Florida Mike 27-Jan-17
Florida Mike 02-Jun-17
John/Alaska 05-Jun-17
IdyllwildArcher 21-Jun-17
Florida Mike 18-Jul-17
BOWUNTR 10-Sep-17
From: Florida Mike
Not sure if many will take the time to do it but would you recommend an Air Taxi guy that you have used? It doesn't matter the area, just somewhere in Alaska. I know using a guy that is recommended by a fellow bowhunter would take some major stress out of deciding where to hunt. I used Andrew Airways on Kodiak for a 2016 Goat hunt and I would recommend them to anyone. Anyone else used a good Air Taxi?

From: Florida Mike
Kinda sad that nobody can recommend any Air Taxi guys, I thought this post would fill up with guys trying to help others. Looks like I was wrong! maybe there are no good Air Taxi guys out there? Oh well.

From: John/Alaska
40 Mile Air out of Tok is very good


IdyllwildArcher's Link
Mike, the AK boards here are pretty dead on Bowsite. See the link. That's where all the AK forum action is.

From: Florida Mike
Thanks Ike, I started this thread as a possible resource for everyone to use to plan Alaska hunts. My thinking was guys would post the name of a good transporter so that it would be a little easier to plan and safely do an Alaskan hunt. But maybe there's just not enough interest to make it happen....

John I've heard nothing but good things about 40mile.

I'm sitting in Tok right now reading this. Leaving on my 5th trip with 40 Mile Air on the morning... I would recommend them. Ed F

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