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Anti Hunting Bill........BAD BAD BAD
Contributors to this thread:
bowbender77 28-Jan-17
Heat 28-Jan-17
hunting dad 30-Jan-17
BOWUNTR 01-Feb-17
From: bowbender77
SB 1182 Introduced by Senator Farler as I understand it will stop all trapping and hunting of Bobcat and Mt Lion in Arizona. Violators face a fine of $8,000.00. Does this crap ever stop?

From: Heat
Everyone should call their State Rep and Senator and tell them to kill this bill.

From: hunting dad
Fortunately, the person in charge of the committee this bill has to go through is in favor of removing the protections on wolves here. Should be DOA. We need to keep them honest and let them know we're always watching. Steve Farley is the author of this piece of %#@*. Check out his FB page to see his reasoning behind it. It's comical.

This guy is a tool.... Go to his Facebook page and hammer him, everyone else is. Ed F

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