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2016 Southern Ontario Whitetail hunt
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Hey everyone, my name is Paul S Leaist (56ys) , I am from Hamilton Ontario Canada. I would like to thank the leather wallers fro helping me through a rough 3 years. In 3 years i have had 3 strokes and from that cannot work a steady job so that being said i am now retired. But from reading the leather wall has sparked a fire within me to keep shooting my long bow. My friends in Canada and Newy York have pushed me with love and drive, my son push with a big stick to get out last year, first night out this year got in our stands around 3 pm 10 ft up in the tree stand tied in and at 6 pm on the dot a nice mature deer poked his nose out from under my tree. As i kept my eye on him and my bow in my hand at the ready i noticed him starting to come out from under me to the edge of the field, and then started to trot broad side at 15 yards. My buddie Mike has always told me "if it feels good, shoot! dont doubt yourself" . As he started to trot i then pulled back my bow to hit my anchor, and then released. I remember my Lumenok flying through the air and then penetrating both lungs. he then took off 25 yards to the left of me and seen my arrow fall out. With that being said this whole time this is going on my son Scott was on his way out to meet up and get everything togther to come out, he heard branches and trees crashing so he had his bow at the ready, but he didnt see the deer just heard it. as he comes to the end of the field to meet me he notices my around in the field and im already looking around for and trace of blood or hair. we look at the arrow (aluminum) and notice it was bent about 3/4 the way up the shaft, but not broken. we then pick up the trace of blood and within 50 yards from my stand there he was laying in a bed of mash grass. i got so happy and proud with my self accomplishment and my perseverance with sticking to it and ending up with a freezer full of meat

Id like to say that size dosent matter with me and my boy's but to come together and have fun. thanks trad wallers.


Paul .S. Leaist alius GreyBush.

From: buc i 313

What a great story. Thank you for sharing.

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