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North Dakota
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workingman 02-Feb-17
beemann 12-Aug-17
No Mercy 15-Aug-17
From: workingman
Hello, I would like your feedback as hunters about a product that I designed and built. I am from SD, I've been bow hunting for 40yrs. I developed a round bale blind that requires no tools, sets up in approx. 30 mins. and weighs less than 30lbs. I am just wondering if you as hunters feel there is a need or a market for this. Also ...I hunted out of it last fall ....and it stood up well to our SD wind. Thanks for taking the time to read looking forward to your feedback.

From: beemann
Id love to see what you have . Ive Got two redneck bale blinds and they are disappointing in there durability. Just ordered another blanket for the first one. Neighbors was blown to the next county... Your not associated with prairie hunting blinds out of SD are you? Anyway I think there is always room for improvement Id be interested .. Bryan

From: No Mercy
Yes I think there is a market for that, depending on price. There is a company called Prairie Hay Bale blinds in South Dakota that retails a blind between $500-$750 now, but it is not a take down style blind.

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