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workingman 03-Feb-17
MWBooner 04-Feb-17
workingman 05-Feb-17
Ollie 16-Feb-17
From: workingman
Hello, I would like to ask for some feedback about a item that I developed and built. I am from SD and I have been bow hunting for 40yrs. I built a round bale blind that requires no tools, takes approx. 30 mins. to set up and weighs under 30 lbs. I am just wanting to hear if there is a need or a market for this item. Thanks for your time.......look forward to your comments.

From: MWBooner
whats the price? I would love to check them out!

From: workingman

workingman's embedded Photo
workingman's embedded Photo
I'm going to try to keep it around $ is packed in a 14" diameter bag . Thanks

From: Ollie
There are already several hay bale blinds on the market. You need to look at your price compared to what is already on the market as well as the advantages/disadvantages for your product versus the competition. It is my understanding that most of the hay bale blinds already on the market are very heavy, difficult to move, and take quite a bit of time to set up.

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