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workingman 03-Feb-17
OkieJ 06-Feb-17
workingman 07-Feb-17
Stevieray36 09-Feb-17
OkieJ 09-Feb-17
From: workingman
Hello.....I just want to pick your brain to see if there is an interest in something that I developed and made. I am from SD, I've been bowhunter for 40yrs. I am fortunate to hunt both sides of our state. I designed and built a round bale blind that requires no tools....weighs under 30 lbs, and takes one person approx. 1/2 an hour to set up. I hunted out of it last stands up to our SD wind. I just want your feedback as bow hunters if you think that there is a need for this type of blind. Thanks for reading this......look forward to your replies.

From: OkieJ
Maybe if the price is right. A pic would probably help get more replies.

From: workingman

workingman's embedded Photo
workingman's embedded Photo
I am trying to keep them under $400.00....This packs up into a 14" diameter bag.

From: Stevieray36
There is a lot of hay bale blinds out there. Guide Gear $100, Wildgame Innovations $160, Muddy $300, Redneck $600

From: OkieJ
Blind looks good but Stevieray is right. I would look into selling the the idea to a company and avoid the pattend cost.

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