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Collegehntr 07-Feb-17
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Collegehntr 11-Feb-17
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From: Collegehntr
Hey everyone I'm new here and this past year I picked up a bow. I have a place to hunt down south but I'm in school and this next upcoming year id love to get out alot more. I'm looking for any decent public places to hunt around niu. Or if you have any land and need help throughout the year maintaining for hunting privileges id be more than glad to help

From: DozRdeer2
Here are some thoughts: Check the sites nearby and determine whether bowhunting is allowed - they are listed on the back pages of the Hunting Digest, found here:

Then, check to see whether CWD management operations have been conducted on any of the sites. A number of CWD-positive counties are found in that neighborhood. Management for this disease tends to reduce deer populations, which may impact your success.

You may check site harvest by going to the Public Hunting Areas harvest reports and check bow/gun deer harvest by site (available reports cover the period 2011-12 through 2015-16). Also found on the page is information on site windshield cards - which may be required for site access -- and hunter fact sheets, which are found here:

Good luck! Tom

From: Collegehntr
Thanks tom! I'll definitely check out those sites and thanks for the info on cwd I never really had to worry about that further down south so I'll look more into it!

From: Franklin
Your best tactic would be to get with some local students....male or female and see if you couldn`t squeeze onto a farm. You are in farm country and surrounded by counties of hunting turf. You would be far better off on a little 5-10 acre corner of your own than public.

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