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Help w land purchase
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hammer 09-Feb-17
From: hammer
Starting to look to purchase a piece of hunting land that my son and I can use . Been looking up all sorts of property and its overwhelming.My wife wants to find something that's within driving range of Austin.She has family there.I truly have no idea where to start.Big state.Looked into Edwards county.Some nice ranches there with I guess what they consider parcels of land for sale.Was wondering if say 30 -40 acres was enough to have to hunt on.Prices seem affordable.Less than 100k and photos show some nice hunting opportunities.Deer,hogs,Axis..Some have small cabins which would be a plus. I've never hunted Texas and would appreciate any help in regards to land purchase , locations and info in regards to owning a piece of the "ranch".Thank you in advance.Mike

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