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Windwalker 11-Feb-17
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From: Windwalker
Thinking about deer hunting at All About U Ranch. Has anyone hunted deer there? If so would appreciate what your hunt was like.

Seems that he has pretty decent reviews by doing a google search. That was mainly hogs. If you haven't, do a search on the ranch.

From: Windwalker
I did a google search but all I could find was reviews about hog hunts; nothing about hunting deer. I just want to find a hunt that will give me a reasonable chance at a P&Y whitetail. I'm 74; have taken many deer with a bow and lots of other big game animals but no P&Y whitetail. I'm nearing the end of my bowhunting career and would really like to take a P&Y whitetail. Thanks EmbryOklahoma for your interest.

Windwalker, I hunted hogs there a few years back so all I can comment on but nothing was "hidden" in their website or ads so no surprises. James and Mary are down-home, stand-up kinda people and doubt they'd steer you wrong if you call and ask questions or for referrals. The cabins were nice enough and provided all you need. Mary makes some great food and you won't go hungry.

Again, this was a few years back so things might have changed and I noticed on the website some deer hunts may be high-fence so just ask lots of questions and post pics when if you go. For what it's worth, there was a squabble on here with All About U years ago so get some curren intel and should be fine.

From: Windwalker
Thanks Colorado Russ for your input.

From: z hunter
I sent you a pm Mr. Rogers

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