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Riplip 21-Feb-17
BULELK1 22-Feb-17
From: Riplip
Got invited by a good friend on a rifle elk hunt in early October on a very large private ranch in Utah. Outfitter is R&K Hunting Company, this is a big bucks type of hunt and usually not something I would be interested in, however I really like the guy that invited me and I am sure it would be a great time. I am not interested in the rifle elk hunt but I am considering going as an archery hunt (any legal weapon hunt).

Two questions, first has anyone heard of or had any experience with R&K (good or bad) as I cant find too much other than whats on their website, feel free to PM if so. Secondly any thoughts about about archery potential that late in the season? (October 6-12th). I am concerned about being a bit too late and having a tough time getting within archery range? Thanks in advance.

It would certainly be spot-n-stalk that time of year or an ambush travel corridor.

No personal experience with R&K from a hunting with them type deal.

Good luck, Robb

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