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Turkey Hunting in Virginia
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longbeard 21-Feb-17
Fuzzy 23-Feb-17
Fuzzy 23-Feb-17
tonyo6302 23-Feb-17
Fuzzy 23-Feb-17
Fuzzy 27-Feb-17
Buskill 28-Feb-17
From: longbeard
I am thinking of coming to Virginia for a spring turkey hunt. Any advice on what part of the state I should be looking to visit to get a good spring turkey hunt in this year? Not looking for anyone's secret spot, but any info would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Fuzzy
I assume you are looking at public access land ?

From: Fuzzy
23-Feb-17 there is a lot to wade through, but there's a fairly recent population density chart in there. Pretty much any State WMA is going to have decent turkey hunting these days. I'm a "hill" guy, so I'd vote for the "Big Survey" WMA (Wythe County) Fairystone Farms WMA (Patrick County) Turkeycock Mountain WMA (Franklin County) or Clinch Mountain WMA (Washington County ) all these have beautiful scenery and good turkey numbers. Your competition from other hunters can be intense on weekends, so a mid week hunt is a good bet, and you'll want to pre-scout all you can.

From: tonyo6302

tonyo6302's Link
Lots of Turkeys just across the Potomac River. . .

You can only hunt them with a camera, though. . .

"The United States Capitol is bordered by Constitution Avenue to the north, Independence Avenue to the south, and First Streets, to the east and west. It is located at the far eastern end of the National Mall beyond the Capitol Reflecting Pool."

From: Fuzzy
I bet those spring gobblers love that reflecting pool.

From: Fuzzy
they are strutting and gobbling this morning

From: Buskill
I always had good luck hunting the Powhatan WMA. Plenty of birds .

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