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Coonhunter 21-Feb-17
bfisherman11 13-Oct-17
From: Coonhunter
Is there any properties for lease near mulberry grove il for a fair price

From: bfisherman11
Good luck with your search. Not sure where this is but I live in Northern IL. Due to lack of public land close by I used to hunt WI public land. I have been fortunate and about 17yrs ago my wife and I bought land in WI.

I hate to say it but as hard a route that sounds, i think it is easier than getting permission or someone to share a spot.

I did have luck about 20 years ago at Castle Rock State park getting in there. Again, not sure where you are but it was worth driving 1.5hrs for me back then.

Have been where you are at looking for a place to hunt.


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