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dui conviction arizona
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jazz10 23-Feb-17
notags 24-Feb-17
swampokie 24-Feb-17
osage 24-Feb-17
Mydogmo 25-Feb-17
Coyote 65 26-Feb-17
WapitiBob 26-Feb-17
notags 27-Feb-17
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Awoguide 20-Jul-17
From: jazz10

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If you are accused of a first offense DUI charge in Arizona you will face the following penalties: Jail time: Minimum of 10 days in jail. Maximum jail sentence: up to 6 months. Minimum of $250 in fines and up to $2,500 in total fines and fees.

From: notags
Was someone convicted of bowhunting under the influence? Why are you sharing this on an archery site?

From: swampokie
Ive been wondering when someone would ask this question! I have to say those are stiff penalties! Do they take all your elk points as well?

From: osage
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,

From: Mydogmo
I believe it might be a friendly reminder that... After you stick that bull of a life time, that you dont celebrate too much before the drive home :)

From: Coyote 65
And if you get a DUI, they will not even let you into Canada.


From: WapitiBob
Not something I need to worry about.

From: notags
osage, sage wisdom!

From: elktrax
Its actually up to $10k in Az..on a first offense you will be spending if convicted of a DUI...Lisence gone for a year, jail time. Etc..No Joke we r one of the worst if not the strictist in the nation..Then again why is this on this site..

From: Huntcell
And increased insurance cost. Shame and humiliation! Wife leaves, boss fires ya, now your alone, homeless and broke. No hunting this year.

From: Awoguide
Thank goodness I quit drinking 30 years ago!

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