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Bison: Horse Bench or Henry Mtn?
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From: glunker
As I am close to finally drawing a bison tag, of the two hunts with a max point tag, which hunt should I apply for? As Will the openers of HB make stalking a walk down type of hunt or will it make it easier to retrieve the meat? HB has a longer season but I will have to plan in advance so that is not a great help except it does go to the end Jan. In a no snow year that could help. Anybody care to compare the Henry's vs Horse Bench?

From: glunker
Probably should have posted this in the general forum and sooner. No worries as I am happy with my application. Good luck all.

I hope it all plays out for ya.

I just don't think anyone has experience in both units to give you any intel of value.

I'd wager that most of us do not have experience in either unit as hard as it is to draw a tag! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Captain1039
Well if you have been following the DWR recommendations... Horse Bench got a ton of tags added this year. If you applied, you will be good to go. Horse Bench is a migratory hunt. The buffalo don't get in to the area until after the snow flies. The Henry Mountains is a hunt for sure. I have been down there for several days and have never seen buffalo and then the next corner, there they are.

From: glunker
After the #$%+& hunt Utah called a hunt of a lifetime on the Horse Bench I guess the answer is Henrys.

From: Tjw
What happened? My budy is going to draw this year.. did the warm weather kill hurt it??

From: Glunker
Total cluster, this is a nuisance hunt for animals with tagged ears that come off of a reservation with heavy snows. The ranchers west of the Green River have clout on this hunt. The game and fish gave out way too many tags. My inquiries and responses from the Dept. are at odds with the reality of the hunt. This is a weak rifle hunt not a once in a lifetime hunt. If i would have got better info i never would have used 21 points on this tag.

From: jims
I believe they are offering an archery season on the Henry's for the 2nd time this coming year. It would be the first season so the bison would be unpressured prior to the rifle seasons.

From: Tjw
I heard the dwr is giving tags to everyone that didnt tag out last year..

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