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Unit 80/83 Mule Deer
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JM1010 24-Feb-17
badbull 10-Mar-17
Topgun 30-06 10-Mar-17
From: JM1010
Hello – I am from the Midwest and have typically been a whitetail bow hunter. I have always wanted to bow hunt mule deer out west, but am now just starting to get in to it. I do not have any points in any states, but am interested in having decent hunts more often than building up years’ worth of points for one great hunt.

Researching through GoHunt, I came upon Unit 80/83, which is a limited draw unit with a ~40% chance of drawing with 0 points. I like the sound of a limited draw unit with a reasonable chance of drawing in a reasonable amount of time. I would most likely do a week long DIY bow hunt in September (if I drew) on public land (unless I was able to stumble upon private land somehow). I am in my early 30’s, in good physical shape, and am confident out to 70 yards with my bow.

I understand that these units are not notoriously the trophy caliber units in the state, but I am looking for a good experience and if I was able to have an encounter with a mule deer in the ~140” range, I would be more than thrilled

Has anyone ever mule deer hunted in Unit 80/83? Any information on terrain, public access, equipment suggestions, general advice, etc would be greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone thinks bow hunting this unit is nuts or if you think a general region tag would be a better approach, feel free to say so

From: badbull
JM1010..........Sent you a pm.........badbull

From: Topgun 30-06
I have no idea where you came up with your 40% figure. Last year unit 80 was only a 4.76% chance to draw the tag with 0PPs in the Regular Draw. However, it was a 100% draw in the Special higher priced Draw.

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