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Active Duty Deer Tag
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From: Ranger6
I was talking to a resident of Iowa the other day and he told me there was a movement in Iowa to allow Active duty service members returning from deployment to purchase Deer tag at the resident price and not have to go through the lottery. I have searched everywhere and I can't find anything on this topic. Anyone have a lead on this? I would love to hunt Iowa again. Any wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom

From: t-roy
I haven't heard anything about this. I would much rather allow military members exemptions to be able to get resident tags than allowing all these stinkin non resident "celebrities" to draw tags here every year! They should have to draw their tags just like all of the other non residents do.

BTW...... Thank you for your service Tom!

From: Ranger6
My understanding is some congressman found out about the Governor tags and was not impressed. His opinion was that wounded warriors and active duty service members should be given priority over celebrities. It is my understanding that very few tags got used for the Purple Heart hunts and they wanted to extend it to folks with multiple deployments and valor awards. When I get additional information I will share it on bowsite. Thanks Tom

From: 4nolz@work
if stationed in Iowa active duty only

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