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Wyoming unit 38 pack horses
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Ranger rick 02-Mar-17
wytex 06-Mar-17
Ranger rick 06-Mar-17
wytex 07-Mar-17
I drew a bow tag for unit 38. Does anyone know a reliable outfit to pack out an elk in that area? Thanks for any advice

From: wytex
Make sure they are licensed by the state if you pay anyone. Rental horses are available in some areas.

Pam, Thanks. I sure dont want to do anything wrong or illegal. Just looking at a few areas that are a ways from roads. If it is warm, i would only consider hunting them if i knew for sure i can get them out without any chance of spoilage. I plan on double checking everything ahead of time to make sure we are abiding by all laws. Thanks Again for the advice

From: wytex
You bet, just wanted to make sure. Many don't know packers have to be licensed too. Seems kind of a ridiculous law.

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