Moving to Temple NH..maybe
New Hampshire
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Dauwer 05-Mar-17
hmaxims 16-Mar-17
Dauwer 21-Mar-17
Bob H in NH 19-Jun-17
From: Dauwer
Hello everyone. Trying to get some insight To temple NH im currently looking at a home and most likely packing up the family. But im having a hard go finding any info of the area Good hunting spots Restaurants Food stores etc.. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

From: hmaxims
Unfortunately, the NH thread is pretty quiet on here. Good luck with the move. I'm looking to move to NH in a few years. Howie

From: Dauwer
Hey howie I'm shocked how little people are on this NH post Thank you and good luck to you as well sir.

From: Bob H in NH
Temple is a quiet area, sort of "can't get there from here", that's why there's little noise on here. It's west of Rt 93, not the white mountains or the beach.

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