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What do you have planned for the spring?
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foxwillkill 07-Mar-17
blugrass 09-Mar-17
foxwillkill 10-Mar-17
foxwillkill 05-Apr-17
foxwillkill 19-Apr-17
From: foxwillkill
I plan to take a couple of grandsons turkey hunting during youth season. Then head to Oklahoma with a son and a grandson to hunt hogs April 13th. April 20th head to Kansas to hunt rios and then back here to Missouri to call some easterns. Just wondering what everyone else had planned.

From: blugrass
Hunting turkey, mushrooms and work on food plot. If you are going to Shilo you will have a good hunt. Tell Matt we're going to try to book a hunt next year.

From: foxwillkill
Will do. We are making our 3rd trip to Shiloh and have 4th booked for next Feb. They are all great people at Shiloh. Good luck on the turkeys and mushrooms. You have to bring up food plots? I need to get started again soon.

From: foxwillkill
We leave in a week for Shiloh for some great hog hunting. This weekend after a turkey here with a grandson. Good luck to all the kids this weekend.

From: foxwillkill
Heading to Kansas tonight to start a Rio Turkey hunt for a couple of days. Should be fun. We killed 5 hogs last weekend at Shiloh. My nephew Tyson shot the biggest a 220 lb boar.

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