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this needs to stop
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houndy65 08-Mar-17
SBH 08-Mar-17
JMG 08-Mar-17
From: houndy65

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Something needs to be done to stop these tribal hunts.

From: SBH
No Doubt. It's a joke and they are taking advantage of it. That herd is struggling too. It's disrespectful and doesn't look good on the tribe either. No one wins.

From: JMG
Good luck. It's written into the treaties the U.S. Gov't and the Tribes signed way before you lived here or were born. It has always been in place, it's just that some years the tribal members utilize their tribal rights and others they don't.

If the State of Montana tried to prevent the Tribes from their "right" to hunt and fish these historical hunting grounds, the Tribes would file a lawsuit and the State would lose. The Department of Justice would have to represent the Tribes and defend the Tribes right to hunt and fish as it states in the Treaties.

Same $hit . . . . Different day. Trust me when I say, any lawsuit against the Tribes in an attempt to stop them would be thrown out by any judge that is aware of the laws that either govern or try to govern Indians.

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