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From: bigbulls6
Looking for a place for two to bow hunt turkeys. Recently lost our place to to a sale. Would pay a reasonable trespass fee or just some good info on Public land would be great!!

From: Paul@thefort
Rob, it has been my experience that most of the State Wildlife areas have turkeys especially if they have trees and a creek running through or around a lake. Call the local Game and Fish regional office for exact info once you decide where you want to hunt. All of my turkeys have been killed on SWA in Nebraska.

From: bigbulls6
Thanks Paul will do!!

From: Deone H
I'm with Paul. I have killed a ton of birds in NE via archery season and they have all come SWA's in different areas of the state. Yes, you will see some hunters but they have been very productive until shotgun starts.


I agree with the others. If you skip opening shotgun season and/or hunt weekdays, you will have the place to yourself. Lots of good areas, I hear turkeys gobbling from my camper. Other places, require a 20 minute hike.

From: Mav5
what part of the state?

From: tobinsghost

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Mav, all parts really. I've hunted them South, Southwest and Southeast and Paul's post is so true. Some are real gems, you just gotta burn up some boot leather or rubber in this situation thx to ticks!

From: Mav5
I was asking OP what part of the state he was looking for info on so I could help him. Totally agree with you and Paul.

From: tobinsghost
Sorry Mav5, I misunderstood. Not the first time and definitely won't be the last!

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