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Leech Lake
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jstephens61 13-Mar-17
Billbe 15-Mar-17
South Farm 22-Mar-17
jstephens61 23-Mar-17
From: jstephens61
My brides aunt has a cabin up by Federal Dam. I was just wondering if it was worth looking into for bear season. I believe it's in Unit 47, so not much information on it. I'm more of a DIY hunter so I'd be making a couple baiting runs before the opener. Thanks for any help.

From: Billbe
Excellent area for bear. Lots of public land. Tough part now is getting the draw on license.

From: South Farm
Yep, if you can't get a bear there then I don't know where else you can! Good area!

From: jstephens61
Looks like I need to pursue this then. Thanks for the imput.

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