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Iowa Deer 2017
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red cloud 14-Mar-17
t-roy 15-Mar-17
Deafbowhunter 07-Apr-17
From: red cloud
Any of you guys out there looking to hunt Iowa in 2017? I'm a NR with 5 points. All my buddies seem to back out every year for some reason or another so I'm looking for a partner. I really don't have a place to start... I'm open to suggestions! I would love to hire an outfitter but.....3 kids in college and my checkbook is about tapped out! I haven't completely ruled it out as I don't want the hunt to be a bust either. I'm from the east coast so scouting and knocking on doors is gonna be kinda tough.

If anybody has any leads, maybe a property they lease that could use another guy for a week or so ( I'm not looking for a hand out and certainly nothing for free, just something fair. If you like striper fishing I could offer a really good trip for some big bass ( Block Island ). Hope to hear from someone!

From: t-roy
One suggestion that I have for you Joe, is if you don't go this year, don't buy another preference point. You already have enough points to draw any zone in the state. Good luck to you!

Hey Red Cloud, if you decide to go hunting in Iowa this year alone or with someone, I have some information that I can share. I moved from Iowa to Arizona last July and I know several awesome public lands that I have hunted before in western/southwestern part of Iowa.

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