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Hunting Guide for a friend
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razorhead 19-Mar-17
T-Rex 22-Mar-17
razorhead 24-Mar-17
T-Rex 24-Mar-17
razorhead 25-Mar-17
From: razorhead
Is anyone familiar with a good and honest deer hunting guide, in the Iron County area, or within reasonable distance, from Iron River? someone for gun and bow.... thanks in advance

From: T-Rex

T-Rex's Link
I met Dean a few years back when a friend was looking for property in the UP. He's a great guy and sees lots of deer and some pretty good bucks

From: razorhead
okay so thanks for the reply, but all I saw was some nice guy on facebook, which said nothing about hunting,,,,,, must be missing something

From: T-Rex
He runs an outfitting over by the Wilson area. They are on Michigan Out Doors several times each year. Shoot him a message on Facebook, he'll help you out.

From: razorhead
okay thanks again

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