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Beginner son and father looking for land
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beginner 22-Mar-17
Missouribreaks 23-Mar-17
jerrynocam 23-Mar-17
hunt'n addict 04-Aug-17
From: beginner
Hello, new to this site. But beginning son and father looking for private land to hunt on. Just trying to enjoy the great outdoors! Will work, pay a small fee, however it does need to be a low fee. Preferably land within an hour of Holland. Let me know if you can help out! or if there is any public land around that is not heavily hunted.

Thank you!

There is a lot of public land east of Fennville, Michigan. I think it is called " Allegan State Game Area".

From: jerrynocam
Yes the Allegan state game area is south of Holland with something like 50,000 acres of land. I have hunted it and depending on where you go it's not too crowded. If your interested in hunting it I'd scout it now. If you buy a Michigan gazetteer atlas it will show you where the state lands are as while most areas are marked with signs there is private property mixed in. You can buy the atlas at most Meijer stores. It's been many years since I've hunted there so couldn't really point you in any direction but if you go there and drive around I'm sure you'll find some spots to check out. Good luck.

I live in Holland as well. I lost my private land spot that was just over 1 hour from here and resorted to Allegan State Game area last year. What a joke! Every place I started to find deer sign I found treestands. I finally found a somewhat secluded spot with a little activity only to have my treestands stolen. I lost everything (treestands climbing sticks, safety line, pull up rope, etc.). I had it all lock and was all legal. Not sure what I am going to do this year yet either.

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