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From: elite 78
hey out there I moved from north Carolina avid bow hunter no one is going to give me secret spots but if anyone has ideas on land available to hunt please let me know any suggestions thanks!

congrats on the relocation - lots to see & do - l might be able to help you out with hunting opportunities - where in the state are you located?

From: elite 78
Portland area but willing to travel

l relocated to Wisc 10 yrs ago but still have lots of family & friends back there - give me a little info about yourself such as age & hunting experience and what you're looking to hunt?

From: elite 78
my age is 39 I'm an Iraq war veteran from 2004 I owned a business in north Carolina for 10 years I sold business and moved to Portland last year I have bow hunted all over the country anything from antelope elk aoudad wild hogs turkeys whitetails mule deer and various small game I have used outfitters in maine but would love to find my spots that I can put up cameras maybe plant food plots I have an 8 year old son who shows great enthusiasm in the sport I take great care of peoples property and never litter or damage property any help or leads would be greatly appreciated thank you adam

From: Nimrod
am looking to move to MAINE soon , in the Newcastle area, interested in bow hunting opportunities

From: Lever Action
I left Maine 50 years ago and have only seen 2 states with worse hunting opportunities than Maine. Returned to Maine 7 years ago because I heard it has gotten better. After a year, I left again. It was better but better only for Turkey numbers and deer distribution southward. Deer numbers were actually worse than they were 40 years ago. State lumber policy is mostly responsible for the demise of the deer herd (north of Millinocket) and Bear are hunted so hard that a 200# bear is considered the norm anymore. Lakes have been poisoned to eliminate all species of fish and restocked with salmon, in an attempt to produce a fishery that would attract sportsmen, while ignoring that the top fisheries (in the country) do not focus on salmon at all. On my return, I found a once decent sportsman state, destroyed.

Sorry to hear you got yourself into such a situation. Best of luck to you. You will need Luck in the future.

From: Cougar
Don't be discouraged by that^ if your in portland everything west and south of you has good deer population. Turkeys too. The biggest hurdle will be very limited public land. Maine has always operated on a, if it's not posted it's open to use, tradition. I'd still knock on doors but I'd say most farmers are pro hunting, pro vets, and pro teaching the next gen. You should do fine with getting permission. The deer pop was really down in the 70s 80s early 90s, but in southern Maine now I see 4 year old bucks just about every year and my family fills tags with regularity. We're in York county.

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