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Which Zone?
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BowhunterDal 31-Mar-17
theleo 13-Apr-17
From: BowhunterDal
Not looking like I will draw anything this year so I have decided on finally doing the Idaho Elk season. I have been thinking either the Tex Creek or the Sun Valley Zones. I am kinda wanting to find a place where I can Mtn Bike in a few miles and spend a week. Any opinions or thoughts on either zone. Elk numbers, what to expect, hunting pressure and best times to go. I have 7-10 days to go and was thinking the last week of the season. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks,

From: theleo
Not sure what to tell you, but in the Sun Valley area a mountain bike won't do you much good since most trails closed to motorcycles and ATV's are also closed to mountain bikes. The hard part in that area is you'll be able to glass up elk far beyond where you'd be able to pack one out of before the meat spoils.

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