Mississippi islands
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Wis125 03-Apr-17
jjs 05-Apr-17
Blackbear3 12-May-17
From: Wis125
Just curious if anyone has any info on bowhunting the islands of the Mississippi. Deer density, hunting pressure, stories; successful or not. I've been searching the internet and so far haven't come across much. Thanks

From: jjs
I live along the River and it can be a hit or miss, last yr high water was difficult and notice an uptake of x-bow hunters hunting like gun hunting. It is a different tactics if you are a farmland hunter, bug protection is a must until the freeze. Enjoy the hunt.-JJ

From: Blackbear3
Missed the biggest buck of my life bow hunting an island in the Mn River. Since there usually isn't room for more then 1 or 2 hunters, your not going to get much info here. Not many hunters are going to give up their honey holes.

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